İpek Bulgur Corporate

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Ipek Bulgur who makes all its production from the wheats grown in quite iron-rich and mineral-rich lands of Mardin Plain was founded in the year of 1990 in Mardin.

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What does the Bulgur of Mardın tell us?

İpek Bulgur, has geographical indication certificate that signed as ``Bulgur of Mardin``

How many civilization that passed through here can be feed by the land? With its whole generosity and never fall prey to time. Doesn't the abundance which one is carrying to sky a value of under land deserve to be aware? These land has never turned away from laborers. In northest part of Fertile Crescent, existing since beginning of history: Mardin… And sumptuously Mesopotamia Plain…

It just carrying a favour with humble ear of grain which ones fill up its own intra, during get green of land and blue of sky together for table. Gathered wheats was obtained through the thousand endeavors; boiled, broken, weeded out, washed and offered to sun on adobe roof. Some wheats was grinded in stone mill. Time has changed and wheats stopped by to modern factory but this heritage one that remain to mankind has never changed. These wheats has turned into various bulgur. Easier said than done; It’s almost has been 10 thousand years since seeds of wheat down on soil.

Sweat of farmers irrigated the soil when the sun waited to make sprout for ear of grain. It went on journey meticulously to endeavors aren't wasted and arrive to table for all time. It has achieved to stand as known oldest fellow on the table. A few spoons used one plate. It has gotten together past and future, partners and fellows on same tables. 
Bulgur, has been more than itself always.