İpek Bulgur, rooted in the heart of Mardin, is a family business that has been serving its consumers since 1990 to offer a unique bulgur experience.

It produces Mardin Bulgur with a registered geographical indication, using durum wheat that is rich in iron and minerals, grown on the fertile soil of the Mesopotamian Plain. Combining traditional farming methods with modern technology, İpek Bulgur reveals the unique flavor of Mardin Bulgur by using only water and wheat with a natural and pure production process.

Our company, whose current market is both in the country and abroad, has TSE Certificate, Food Production Permit, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System certificates.

As İpek Bulgur family, we are a team dedicated to the production of quality and natural bulgur with years of experience and knowledge. While aiming to offer the best bulgur products to our customers, we aim to protect natural resources and support sustainable agriculture.

We deliver this special flavor, which grows in the fertile lands of Mardin, to your tables by carefully processing it in our modern production facilities. İpek Bulgur is the best choice for anyone who cares about quality and naturalness. With us, you can take a step towards a healthy and delicious diet while enjoying the taste of nature.

R&D and Innovation

As İpek Bulgur, we work with an understanding of continuous development and innovative philosophy. We attach great importance to R&D (Research and Development) and innovation activities. Our aim is to maintain and advance our leadership position in our industry while providing quality and natural products to our customers.

Sustainability and Agricultural Values

As İpek Bulgur, we attach great importance to sustainability and agricultural values. We are constantly making efforts to minimize our environmental and social impacts in the process from the field to your table. We aim to strike a balance between environmental sustainability, social justice and economic development in order to provide you with a better future.

Our products

İpek Bulgur is a brand known for its natural and excellent taste. Our products, which are obtained by carefully processing the wheat grown on the fertile soil of the Mardin Plain, offer a nutritious and satisfying alternative. Being completely natural and additive-free, İpek Bulgur appeals to your taste buds while supporting a healthy diet. It has a wide range of uses, from soups to pilafs, from salads to stuffed meats, with its various types. Our products aim to add health, taste and quality to your tables. İpek Bulgur is one of the leading bulgur producers in Turkey.


In addition to presenting İpek Bulgur products to our consumers in the national and international markets, it is our vision to position Mardin bulgur in the place it deserves and at the same time to protect and develop the natural production with our suppliers and collaborators.

The continuity of the high quality nutritional values of Mardin bulgur and the fact that the production comes to life from the natural production conditions of Mardin lands is our main mission that distinguishes İpek Bulgur products from others.



İpek Bulgur, which operates in bulgur production;

To fulfill the requirements of Quality and Food Safety Management systems for sustainable production and process quality,

To produce in hygienic conditions, to control possible physical, chemical and biological hazards that may occur at all stages up to the customer,

To ensure that our employees comply with the hygiene and sanitation rules and receive the necessary training,

To exist in the market with a corporate identity,

To provide full customer satisfaction by complying with customer conditions and meeting expectations,

To fulfill the requirements of the legal legislation,

We are committed to increasing efficiency and ensuring the continuous improvement of the system for the better.